The Nature of the Gods
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The Biblical Chart


Is there evidence, recorded in myths and legends, that there have been global disasters in the distant past which have destroyed ancient civilisations? Could these catastrophes explain the true nature of the gods?

The Fall This site is "The Nature of the Gods" website, and is associated with the (hopefully) forthcoming book of the same name. The site is mainly investigating the prospects that there have been major catastrophes that have occurred in the distant past and to investigate whether these disasters have been hinted at in ancient texts like the bible and various other sources. It is possible that these events have shaped the human psyche, especially with the human concept of their own place in nature and may have led to the establishment of the belief in the divine control of the destiny of mankind. Creating a fear of punishment for misbehaviour and a desire for reward for good deeds, and forming the basis for belief and worship of 'The Gods'.

The Flood This all makes me sound like and out and out atheist but I would not in fact class myself as such, and at one time I would have said that I was quite religious. I do, like most people have moments of complete disbelief, but I also at times feel myself connected with the entire universe and I am then a believer. So please don't take this site as an attack on religion or on all beliefs and on all gods. This site has come in to existence because of certain observations made some years ago that established a belief that the Earth was subjected to major catastrophes in the past. It is the understanding of these disasters that will lead to a great illumination for all the people of the Earth. The search for truth is the aim here not the destruction of people's faith. A person's faith can be greater than the words contained in a Book or on any website for that matter.

The idea that there has been large scale disasters in the past is not in itself a new idea, and in fact Plato writes, in the fourth and fifth century BC, of such disasters in his book "Timaeus and Critias" when Critias relates the story of Atlantis, in which it is described that the Earth had been subjected to several major disasters that had nearly wiped out civilisation, with the disaster that wiped out Atlantis, being just one of these. In more recent times other writers wrote of similar ideas and one in particular worth mentioning is Immanuel Velikovsky in his book "Worlds in Collision".

Exodus In the early stages of this work, I was not motivated by any research in to the possibility of disasters as such, more just interested in producing a chart of genealogies such as the genealogies listed in the bible. This was a hand drawn chart with the appearance very much like a mathematical graph with the lives of the patriarchs, and the reigns of the kings of Judah and Israel, represented as bars as in a bar diagram. I also produced other hand drawn charts or graphs of various other cultures such as the Egyptian pharaohs, and the Chinese emperors. These charts were graphical representations of the histories of these cultures, and these help visualise some of the parallels that can lead one to the suggestion that at certain times in Earth's past that there have been large scale disasters. These disasters largely forgotten in modern history are the main influences in mankind's history and if fully understood would lead to the understanding of The Nature of the Gods.

Currently I am trying to produce some of these charts on the computer, which will help in completing further research exploring whether there is any truth to this concept of global disasters. The idea of this website was to make available some of the progress that has been made to date, and also to gain some useful feedback. In any work it is always beneficial to seek the opinions of others who very often have much more experience and knowledge than oneself. This is not to say that one then feels obliged to adopt all, if any, of the points of views that are offered, as one will always feel a sense of independence and need to complete the work on one's own even if that is more out of pride than any sense of correctness, but receiving some constructive criticism as well as information on new sources of literary references unknown to the researcher can only enhance the research. However there is a conflict of interest in sharing one's thoughts with others as on one hand, one wants to gain opinions of others, while on the other, one wants to safeguard and keep back any truly interesting finds for one's own acclaim. This website is the unhappy but necessary compromise between these conflicting goals.

I have set about trying to incorporate lots of data on to the site and I hope that there are a few of you that will find some of this useful. I would greatly appreciate any constructive criticism and any comments that you may feel are helpful. I do hope that you will enjoy and appreciate these pages and hopefully you will participate via sending emails and by joining the forum to discuss the issues that are revealed in this research.

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